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Poultry Lighting

Arrow Lite has successfully been used in the Poultry Industry for a number of years.

Arrow Lite address the major concerns of the Poultry Industry:

  • Soaring Electrical costs
  • Maintaining lighting specifications, LUX levels, and uniformity
  • Reducing exorbitant maintenance costs
Have a look at the following example to further understand just how much power you can save:
Incandescent house of 100 x 60W light consumption = 6,000W
Arrow Lite application in the same house = 400W
Saving = 5,600W

Cost savings compared to incandescents, CFL's, and fluorescents

  • Savings compared to incandescents = 90%+
  • Savings compared to CFL's and fluorescents = 40%+

Arrow Lite benefits compared to NON-LED lighting

  • Contains NO mercury and is environmentally friendly
  • Fully dimmable and flicker free
  • Engineered to the required uniformity and LUX levels
  • Water and moisture resistant
  • Freely disposable


  • The Arrow Lite System uses 24V power supply, this makes Arrow Lite one of the safest systems in the poultry market
  • Having a 24V power system is also a great theft deterrent

Lifespan comparisons between Arrow Lite and NON-LED systems

  • The Arrow Lite LED lifespan is approximately 5 years plus
  • Full system guaranteed for 3 years
  • The lifespan of either CFL's or fluorescents in a poultry house is approximately 1 year
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